The Kennedy Assasination

I was in a math class watching some televised Math Lesson, a new innovation.

The show was broken into and coverage went directly to the assassination of the President. Nobody had the chance to break it to us gently. Suddenly, it was just there.

I recall it seeming like a total panic. I was allowed to call my mother, who hadn’t heard the news. It was a time of great uncertainty. I may have only been 10, but I knew how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. I knew what an “atomic bomb” was and how to build a fallout shelter in your own basement. I had seen the clips on TV of Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table in the Kremlin telling us “We will BURY YOU!” The Cuban Missile Crisis was just last year!

Was this a takeover effort by the “Ruskies?” Was this War? What happens when the President is killed? Scary stuff.

Little known fact: I actually styled my hair after JFK. I would see him on TV and I thought I wanted to have hair like that. So, I stood in front of the TV and copied his hair. His part was on the left, so MY part was on the left. But I was looking at a TV, his part was on MY Left, not HIS left. So I actually combed my hair exactly the opposite way JFK combed his. Took me FOREVER to figure that out. Never corrected it. Lol Now that I don’t have enough hair to comb no one would notice if I DID change it. hahahaha

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