The “empty lots”

Our street was the next street over from the main road. Our house faced the main road. Between the backs of the houses across the street, and the back of the businesses ON the main street was a “no mans land” – a primitive Disneyland.

Behind one place was a huge dirt mound left over from some construction project. We climbed Mount Everest, fought for Iwo Jima, drug our bikes to the top and then proved our courage by riding down the hill at breakneck speeds. Okay, it probably wasn’t more than 10 feet high – but that was plenty.

Behind another was an old milk delivery truck. It was rusted and the back sat on the ground, but the doors worked and you could still sit behind the wheel and “drive it”. Still more fodder for active imaginations. Why, I remember this time that I convinced this girl’s little brother to drive the truck, while his sister and I got friendly in the back. . . hehehehe

On the next block down there was a lot where a house had been torn down. I remember it being bitterly cold and the wind was cutting right through us. We gathered up bricks from all over the lot and built a little fort with them – we even left a brick out once in a while for a window. Someone found a length of corrugated tin and we used that as a roof for our fort. Finally, we were out of the wind!

Of course, we were all laying down – we only had 5 or 6 rows of bricks – and it was awfully crowded with all of us under that single piece of tin – and we quickly regretted leaving windows in our walls – but it was OURS! Well, for a minute anyway – it was just too cold – I’m going home!

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