The Candy store

The most wonderful place in town was right on the main street. Right downtown. The Candy Store. I would love to stop at his window and look at all the candy on display right there in the window.

By far, my favorite was the huge chucks of chocolate! He would get these enormous chocolate bars and then shatter them into splinters and chunks. That bar had to be at least an inch thick and chunks could be as big as your hand!

You could go in there and tell him how much money you had and he could pull out some pieces you could afford (by weighing them on his scales) and then you cold pick the particular piece that appealed to you. Or you could just say, “How much is THAT piece?” and he would weigh it out and tell you. I recall once that he broke a chuck off a large piece I really wanted to get it within my price range.

The store had a soda fountain as well where you could get your shake “malted” – and sit at the counter. He had large chunks of seafoam too, dot candy on those paper rolls, fizzies, wax lips, those tiny little wax bottles with half a swallow of some colored liquid in them.

I didn’t even have to go in. I could see it all from the front window, where I visited often.

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