Spring in Butler County KS

Yep, the countryside is showing signs of life. Although I have never seen a place so slow to green up. BUT, by the looks of these freshly plowed fields, green isn’t too far off.

Even the streams and waterways are greening up.

Although the Questas look unfazed. (now that I can SEE them through the grass)

But even the Questas have been touched by water.

and those waterways are looking good.

Hard to believe these are all in the same area.

We WERE kind of dismayed by the hazy grey skies.

Until we discovered that the haze was being supplied by all the fields on fire! Seemed it was a opportune time for farmers to fire their fields. (the Grass Fire! has it’s own post)

Finally, I nice pastoral scene to hold you over til my next post.

* Extra Pics *

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