Snorkeling – My Daughter’s First Dive

I took my family with me on a business trip back to Florida one summer. They would splash and play in the pool all day while I was working. On the weekend we took a side trip down to the Keys where we would all enjoy the beaches and I could enjoy some snorkeling. I even bought little masks and snorkels so the kids could go with me.

I picked a really shallow beach next to a park. It’s a lot easier to snorkel when you can just reach down and touch the bottom. You don’t even have to swim, just float and kind of “walk” along using your arms and hands.

My son was off on his own in a shot, he didn’t need any help. My daughter was a little less sure and trailed along with me, her left hand hanging on to my right shoulder. We would drift along and I would point out interesting things. All peaceful.

As I put my right hand down to “take another step”, I “stepped” on a small skate buried in the sand. A skate looks like a mini manta ray, about 8” – 10” across. It struggled to get out from under my hand, kicking up a lot of sand. My hand jerked back instinctively. They are not dangerous, but it DID feel weird, and it DID scare me for a second. But not nearly as bad as it scared my daughter! She was working her way backwards down my body and AWAY from the skate, pushing me TOWARDS the skate! hahahahaha

She never really did take to looking underwater. It was bad enough that there were things swimming around down there. She didn’t want to actually SEE the stuff because then it would just creep her out more. lol

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