Snorkeling – Miami Canal System – 82

FIRST let me say that it is probably NOT a good idea to dive in the canals. I’ve SEEN the alligators they pull out of those canals! They DO eat stuff. A varying number of family pets disappear around the canals every year.

But on this day I went over to my friend’s house, who lived on one of those canals. He was fishing in the canal at the time. I watched as he took small clumps of fresh bread and pressed them onto his hook, using bread for bait. It seemed to be working good. I suddenly had a brilliant idea!

I quickly went and changed and returned with my snorkeling gear. I wanted to WATCH the fish eat. I enter the canal down a ways from my friend and bring an entire slice of bread with me. It WAS very interesting to watch the tiny top feeders zip in, grab a bite of bread, and zip back out.

But the air in my slice made it too buoyant. I squeeze the air out of it so I can get it lower in the water, but I still have to hang on to the bottom corner to keep it down. At least now some of the bigger fish can get to it, from lower in the canal.

I am dangling the slice of bread as low as I can get it without diving down, and I meet my first Oscar. Now, I didn’t know it was an Oscar at the time. All I knew was this larger fish zipped straight up out of the darkness headed for my bread! That was scary enough, but as he got near, he opened his mouth and exposed his two rows of sharp teeth! I let go of the bread instantly. It was an automatic response. I didn’t want him eating my finger by mistake!

No matter how hard I tried, I always let go of the bread. YOU hold on to the bread and watch as these large fish rush the bread with their sharp teeth gleaming! Yeah, YOU hold on! lol

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