Snorkeling – Key Largo – 82

WE HAD to go diving off Key Largo! Everyone has heard of Key Largo. Actually, Key means Island. So it was technically Largo Island. Not as romantic as “Key Largo”, is it? Lol We found a nice spot on the Atlantic side to dive from, used it many times.

Caught my first lobster there. I let it go mere moments later. What? It scared me! I had no idea they could scream!

Okay, first of all, Florida lobsters don’t have those big nasty claws the northern lobsters do, so there is no danger from claws. They like to hide under coral outcroppings, just leaving their antennae sticking out. The “trick” is to look for the antennae, slip around behind the coral, slowly reach down, and then snatch the lobster up by the antennae!

And it worked too! I had a real live Florida lobster’s antennae in my hand. And there was that lobster flipping its tail trying to get away. Every time that tail would twitch, it made a very distinct and loud “Eeeep!” sound. Refocus. There was a lobster in my hands kicking and trying to get away and screaming “Eeeep! Eeeep! Eeeep!”. Of course I let go! AND I looked around quickly to make sure there wasn’t a 10 foot lobster coming to the rescue! lol I decided to leave the lobsters alone.

On another dive I found a very interesting fish. This fish was not the least bit bothered by our presence. Usually fish will check you out, but stay at a “safe” distance. This fish wouldn’t budge. I called my buddy over and had him watch while I would stick my index finger out and almost touch the face of the fish, and the fish wouldn’t even move! Weird.

Made me really wonder, so we looked it up in the marine guide. It was a Parrot Fish, and its description told me everything I needed to know. The Parrot Fish is so named because it has a beak like mouth, which it uses to crush shells. That Parrot Fish could have very easily just snapped once and my finger would have been instantly shorter! Filed under “good things to know”, It’s not polite to point at a Parrot Fish.

On another dive my buddy invited me to follow him to see this “half a fish”. Now its not all that unusual to find parts of marine life floating around. But this fish looked like it had been sliced in half on a butcher’s counter, so clean was the cut. But as we watched, a barracuda came back for the other half! Holy crap! I’m swimming over THERE, way over there, far from that Barracuda!

I fear barracudas more than sharks. You might get a chance to wrestle or fight with a shark. But a barracuda is there and gone before you notice you have a stump where your hand used to be. They are attracted to shiny things. So NEVER wear anything shiny in Florida waters, like shiny watches and rings.

One day we found a small octopus and played with it for a while. One of us would distract it, then the other would get behind it and put his hand out in the water. The first one would make a sudden move and the octopus would jet away, right into the waiting hands of the second guy! By then the first guy would try to get behind the now turned around octopus so that when he fled from the second guy, hopefully the other guy could intercept the fleeing octopus again. We didn’t want to freak him out too much, so we let him escape.

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