Sixth Grade

I used to run the school supply store. Every day before school started and during lunch we would open the store. We had pencils, paper, rubber bands, paper clips, folders, notebooks – everything a child could need in school. I ran the store, took the money, and told them when they needed to order more. I recall it was 5 cents for a pencil, sold a lot of those.

I can remember playing “four square” on the playground – it was a large square on the ground divided into 4 quarters – or 4 squares. Each kid stood in the far corner of their square and bounced a ball between them, I think the point was to get someone to miss – careful placement of the bounce in their square…

I was still young enough to appreciate the merry go round and swings in the playground. We lived less than a block from the school – so it was like a private playground for us.

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