Shooting at my Brother

It SOUNDS a lot worse than it really was. I wasn’t trying to hit him, but I didn’t want him to know that. lol

This happened while we were living out on the in-laws farm in Michigan. I don’t really recall the exact details about how it started, but I DO recall that my wife and I were engaged in some discussion in our bedroom at the back of our mobile home.

Whatever it was she said to me, I recall that I jumped up, stripped off all my clothes, and pounced on my fully clothed, now squealing, wife. It was one of those ridiculous unexplainable moments. But my brother heard the squealing and came to investigate.

What he found was his naked brother harassing his wife. It was a little embarrassing, but it wasn’t like I was exposed or anything. Everyone was laughing. But then my brother said something, perhaps something to do with perverts. Then it went something like this.

“Perverts? I’ll show you perverts!” My brother bolted out the back door as I sprang from the bed. Now, had I not kept a loaded 22 rifle at the back door, that would probably been the end of it. But I DID, and it leapt into my hands.

At first he was just jogging away from the door, but when I cranked off the first round (down into the ground at my feet) my brother really showed some acceleration! As he ran down the driveway I popped off a few more. Always far behind him and at an angle that guaranteed no problems with ricochets. I just wanted him to hear the impacts behind him.

At the end of the driveway was a huge Maple tree, big enough we had 3 taps in it when we made Maple Syrup. He scrambled behind the tree for cover. I am laughing. I think he is laughing. So I put a couple more into the tree. A good 15 feet up, but close enough he could hear the bullets smaking the tree.

But then I ran out of bullets in the magazine, so I stepped back inside and closed the door. I put my clothes back on. hahahahaha

See? No evil intent, no sibling rivalry, no malice. Just some good clean naked shootin’ fun! Yeehaw!

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