Sedgwick County Park

Your NUTS if you think we are going to put up with a Waterfowl Invasion!

(Guess I gotta check this out)

First of all SALUTE to the Sedgwick County Park! Looks like the first of many trips ahead.

Next, we get the little upset fuzzy tails out of the way. hehehehe. I’m telling you, they were pretty jumpy about the whole thing! This guy here even threatened me with a stick if I didn’t back off! The second one just wanted a more eye to eye conversation, while the mother was too busy with her boys to really talk to me.

So, I had to find out for myself, what was with the water fowl invasion? Everywhere I looked there were ducks and geese, but they all seemed like they were minding their own business.

In fact, one could almost see a pattern. Dating girls, single girls, juniors…

Obviously, it was some sort of social event not some ominous invasion. You could tell that Uncle Charlie had slipped off the wagon AGAIN!

And Aunt Martha was making too big a fuss over it. Gramma was sporting a new hat and Grampa just keeps getting better looking.

Even cousin Marvin was getting into the act, showing off for the girls.

I didn’t recognize most of the rest of them, but as I was taking pictures, they were not about to let me get away without snapping them. Maybe you will recognize them.

* Extra Pics *

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