Sand Hills State Park

Let’s see, what can we do on a nice pre-Spring day? I know, let’s go to Sand Hill State Park near Hutchinson, KS! We will be able to see LOTS of dead grass, MOUNDS of sand, and maybe even an empty field or two!

Actually, I think we caught some pretty nice views, and with variety too! And then there are those “Roads Less Travelled”. We were blessed with those. They make it worth the trip anyway! Our roads varied from the wide and open down to the “are you serious?” variety.

Perhaps a wider view would help.

And what did these roads show us? Well, on the way we saw some pretty typical scenery. I think “pretty” being the key word.

Once we got to the park the difference was amazing! Suddenly there was dried grass, bare trees, and sand (well, under the dried out grass) hehehehehe

Okay, so it wasn’t different, but it was about to get that way.

Finally, the top of the Hill! Well, isn’t that interesting?

And just across the road from this, was this. Water! Okay, not a lot of water. But it DOES change the picture!

* Extra Pics *

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