Sailing on Biscane Bay – 83

A friend of mine knew a guy that owned Sailboat Rental place on Biscayne Bay. IF we wanted to, we could go sailing. For FREE! Uhm, DUH!

I don’t recall why our wives didn’t jump on the opportunity. It could have been that they didn’t trust our sailing skills. It could have been that someone needed to watch the kids. In any case, the two of us guys hit the Marina with high hopes for high adventure, and we were not disappointed.

The guy had us run up the docks a ways and tack back, to make sure we had some clue about sailing before setting us loose on the bay. lol Soon we were cutting the waves. Let the adventure begin!

For a while we sailed along the western shores, looking at the mansions. The ones you can’t see from the road. But here, on the water, you can just sail right past their estates. For a while I sat on the side with my feet dangling down into the water sliding past the sailboat. Sailing in clear water. Palm trees and mangroves. Wonderful.

We took turns at the tiller and switched to the east shore, exploring the “stilt houses” off the south end. There IS land there, it is just underwater. So they built their houses on tall poles, something like 20 feet above the waters surface. There would be a set of stairs leading down to a floating dock, the “garage” for the house. Very interesting.

As we had explored both shores, there was nothing left to do. Except cross the middle of the bay just as fast as we possibly could! Woohoo! Tthe marina guy had told us that these sailboats were designed to be “unsinkable”. All you had to do was let go of the tiller, and the boat would right itself. Well, we had enquiring minds. lol

My buddy got us really cutting the waves, sails full. Then we hung on to the boat, and let go of the tiller. We were NOT prepared for the boat to turn hard starboard, into the wind. But we WERE prepared enough for the boom NOT to sweep us off the deck when it spun! But the boat DID right itself, although I could see it throwing an unsuspecting person overboard. Good to know.

I got my turn next. My plan was much simpler. I wanted to see just how far over I could get the boat. Also good to know. I am proud to say that I had water running across the seats on the opposite side of the boat, the fronts of which we were standing on. That was SO cool, to see the water running past just below your feet. And yet I was still in full control, holding us up there for a long time. Now if I’d had a harness an a rope tied to the mast I MIGHT have tried leaning off the edge of the boat too. Good thing I didn’t have a harness. No telling how that would have turned out. hahahaha

Our last “highlight” came on the way back to the marina. We spotted some fins sticking up out of the water. Ooooo, get closer, get closer! Are those sharks or dolphins? Come on, get closer! We were pretty sure they were dolphins, because they kept us at a steady distance. Didn’t matter what we tried we could not close the distance. So we had to be content to sail WITH them, at a comfortable distance.

It was such a wonderful day, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Well, it COULD have been a LITTLE different. We learned a very valuable lesson that day. Just because the sun feels warm on your skin as you sail along through the cool ocean breeze, doesn’t mean you need to take off your shirt. You are actually sailing on a large natural solar concentrator, the water!

I have NEVER been more sunburned than I was that day! The pain was incredible! My wife put a cold wet towel on my back filled with ice cubes. Within minutes the heat from my back had melted all the ice! Rinse and repeat as necessary. I PAID dearly for those memories, but they ARE priceless.

Um, If you should get the chance, keep your shirt on! Lol

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