Roadus Interruptus

You know, there are reasons why some road are less travelled. And reasons who some roads are NOT travelled!

Kansas streams are driven by rain. No rain, no stream, or just a trickle. So when it rains hard, it’s time to go visit that piddly little trickle that you said had potential if it had water in it. And you come across stuff like this.

The pic on the right is actually just an enlargement of the rocks in the first pic. At first glance it looks like the remnants of a bridge. But in looking it over closely, I can’t find any obvious indications it was man made. A “natural” rock bridge? How weird would that be? Obviously, someone was doing something, as evidenced by the poles in the creek, but what?

Anyway, the other part of going out after a good rain, besides finding water in the streams, is finding water on the roads. In the roads, under the roads, next to the roads, pretty much all over. These are the roads we DID go down.

You’re attention is directed back at the last pic, and this detail from that pic. Notice how our tracks suddenly drift to the side of the road, sinking into deeper and deeper mud. I believe that’s called a “saturation point”, where the road was so saturated (wet) that it could no longer hold weight. The car just started sinking in. It’s where we decided we had gone far enough.

And it gave me an excuse to stop and take a picture so my heart could slow down a bit. Man when a 4×4, in 4 wheel drive, looses traction it tends to get my heart rate up a bit. So we did a 20 point turn around (would have been a three point turnaround, but things were a bit wet and soft. Even the road surface wasn’t to be counted on.

We were justified in our hesitation. We made our way around to the other end of that road and followed it back. Yep, skipping this road was the right thing to do.

We were scouting new territory, down towards Arkansas City, or Ark City as it is known locally. Saw a whole lot of stuff that will look good when it’s done greening up. Found this nice homestead, apparently recently vacated (they didn’t have window air conditioners in the 1900’s). Had several outbuildings and a beautiful tree in the front yard.

Not a lot of pictures, but an adventure just the same.

* Extra Pics *

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