Roads, a Saddle, …

I can’t help it, I love these roads! I am quite okay with the thought of being remembered as “that guy that took all those pictures of roads”. lol

Pretty blossoms lining the road. Ain’t they bootiful? (aka: beautiful)

Nope, I wasn’t done with roads yet. lol

You can tell Spring is almost here, when the ROADS start to green up! lol

And how about THIS intersection? I’ve seen lots of fords, but a ford at an intersection? Don’t bother turning, it’s a dead end.

Found this amazing Church/School.

and then found THIS, an old saddle resting on a fence.

Some Hawks(?) Checked us out. We actually followed one for quite a while, watching him hunt for food in the grass alongside the road.

I thought this one had some interesting coloring.

And last, and probably least, a unique view. We had stopped in the road (probably to take pictures OF the road – lol) When we pulled away, THIS caught the corner of my brother’s eye. Yeah, it’s just a big power line. But we were perfectly lined up on it, making for an interesting perspective.

* Extra Pics *

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