Olivet College

My parents attended this College when I was in 3rd through 5th grades. We lived in “GI Ville” on the Campus (Quonset hut homes), a little house behind another house in Bourbonnais, and finally a regular house in Bradley. The 3rd grade I went to was in Bourbonnais, while 5th grade was in Bradley. I really don’t recall WHERE I went to 4th grade (or anything ABOUT 4th grade for that matter – lol) (3 houses – at least 2 schools)

Years later (1970) I also attended this College for a whole semester, by which time I was requested to “Please do not apply for second semester as we will be forced to decline your application”

MANY years later (recently) my older brother became a Dean at the school that kicked me out – how appropriate – lol

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