Not much here

I only have a couple memories from 5th grade – interesting.

I remember it was a bit of a walk to school. Down to the corner, take a left, several blocks down, then take a right.

I remember I had a math tutor. (Mr. Genius here – lol). It was an old lady in her house after school. She was nice and taught me some things I STILL use, MATH things, sheesh! The clearest memory of her house was the smell. That woman cooked everything with onions and I can almost close my eyes and still smell the onions frying in the kitchen. I didn’t actually eat onions til many years later, but the smell of fried onions takes me right back to her house. (I LOVE fried onions)

That’s it folks. There was some issue about school lunch, the Time of Day of the lunch I think. Either it was too early or too late to suit my mother.

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