Mr Aebi

You may have noticed that I don’t use names in these memoirs. I MUST make an exception here because his name IS the story. I hope you don’t mind Mr. Aebi. (pronounced “Abby”)

This is a perfect example of how we don’t realize the impact we have on people sometimes. And there was nothing the least bit “wrong”, it just made a lasting memory.

One day I forgot Mr. Aebi’s name and called him something else. He became “furious” that I didn’t remember his name. (I never really believed he was really mad) He made this big deal about his name in front of the whole class. I think lots of people had a problem with his name

I was volunteered/sentenced to copy his name over and over on the blackboard until the entire blackboard was full of “Mr. Aebi” You can believe I never forgot his name again!

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