Subic Mosquitoes / Guard duty

One of the most memorable items from Subic was the Mosquitoes. Those were the most bloodthirsty fearless mosquitoes I have ever seen! You couldn’t even get away from them in the showers! I swear they would dodge the water droplets! It was hot, but you had to sleep with at least one blanket on to keep the number of bites to a minimum. We begin to think the little buggers are capable of dragging one of us off into the bushes in our sleep. I’m starting to itch just thinking about it, enough of THAT.

The military can’t just give you time off. They gotta keep you busy. So we pulled guard duty while in port. That meant that two of us would sit in a warehouse with pallets upon pallets of Combat Rations to make sure none of the cases of food got up and ran away. I I got in trouble one day because the Officer of the Day discovered I was wearing my “hippie headband” under my helmet. Sheesh! Some people have no sense of humor.

We pulled night guard duty too. Again, two of us were to guard this old piece of crap gate. The jungle ran right up to the fence and right up to the gate. One of us got the shotgun and the other, the shells. They explained it was a security precaution. This way BOTH guards had to agree it was worth locking and loading. As soon as they were gone I gave the shells to my partner and he loaded up. Gun ain’t any good if it’s empty. I settled on the length of heavy chain from the gate. Okay, we are ready.

Boom! We are startled from our boredom by a shot from the base! Boom! Boom! A firefight has broken out! The fight is heading OUR way! We take up defensive positions. The place goes silent. Either the fight was over or they had made the cover of jungle, and this was the gate out. We waited in the darkness.

Officer of the day came by to check on us. Seems someone had raided the warehouse. Well, they had BEEN raiding it, but they stole so much food out of one stack that it collapsed. Which tipped off the guards, who voiced their objections with their shotguns. The fight went down the beach, where another guard got into the action, and then into the jungle. Turns out there is a drainage culvert about halfway between the gate and the beach. That’s where they made their escape.

It WAS embarrassing to have stuff stolen right out from under your nose. But I always figured that if they were desperate enough to steal Combat Rations, they had to be pretty darned hungry.

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