More Central Kansas

A Nice Sunday Drive through Central Kansas in the area of Potwin, KS.

I know, it’s been too long. Life can be less than cooperative sometimes. My brother drug me out into the vast dry “wastelands” of the winter prairie this weekend. We’re both getting a little “cabin shy” as the weather gets warmer. Actually saw some stuff to take pictures of (of course, the only way NOT to see pictures is to keep my eyes closed! lol)

Of course, there was grass nice dried out straw colored grass, and lots of it. Go figure. Lol. Managed to find a few trees to include in the background.

And, of course, we were taking the “Roads less travelled”.

And even managed to find a little water.

Right after I had changed lenses and was setting up to take some more shots, these Geese decided it was time to move down the road. I was NOT taking pictures yet, was not ready, and I had the camera in single shot mode. But I still managed to get this series of shots that I think are worth sharing.

Ya’ll come back now, hear? (Take your pick: Dolly Parton or Scruggs and Flats) lol

Something else we found near Potwin, a typical “feed lot”. I’ve been wanting to catch one so people could see what one of these looks like. I remember these from my childhood, it’s something I associate with Kansas. For those of you that do not know, a “feed lot” is where you fatten up cows for the beef market.

I tried to take a series of shots to build a panoramic view, and nearly succeeded, (I just have to remember next time to leave the focal length alone through ALL the shots) Anyway, I took a few of the pics and included them here. Cows, as far as the eye can see in every direction.

* Extra Pics *

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