Magic – Swimming in the Atlantic – 82

This adventure happened in Miami. Well actually, a bit south of Miami. One of my friends and I liked to scout possible snorkeling sites and would take any road that led to the ocean. OKAY, sheesh, not EVERY road. That one time we ran into a group of armed Cuban Freedom Fighters in the boonies. We did take an immediate turn away from them, that better? One time – sheesh!

Anyway, we were scouting locations near a large park complex to the South. We found a marina and followed the canal out to the ocean. This area had a lot of encounters with Sea Cows and we dove there more than once hoping to meet one. Where the canal opens into the ocean there is a small spit of land on one side that sticks straight out into the ocean.

It looked to be 20-30 feet wide and varied in size, shape, and height. There was a set of tracks that led out. So we shrugged and said, “Why Not?” As we drove out further and further we passed people parked at wide spots, fishing. They had their lawn chairs and coolers set out. We drove and drove on that tiny little piece of soil until it finally just trailed off into the water.

Standing at the tip of that land was a bit unnerving. Every direction you looked all you saw was water. Waaaaaay over there was the beaches. That little “glorified driveway” seemed awfully small from way out there, with the Atlantic lapping at our feet. I checked the odometer on the way back and it was 1.5 miles BACK to the shore!

There wasn’t much to see so we headed back. Everything was going along just fine, until we came across that open water between the shore and us! That REALLY bothered me for a minute. But we agreed that there were people out there, STILL fishing. So THEY must know the tide doesn’t cover all the land. AND we also agreed that the water couldn’t be THAT deep, because the land didn’t change that much.

Are we going to do it? You betcha!

I figured my best bet would be to power through the water and hope the inertia would carry us across. We looked at each other one last time and I hit the gas! Magic dove into the water, a LOT deeper than we expected. Water washed OVER the windshield. We couldn’t see anything. I just held the wheel straight and kept the engine running, and soon we were scrambling up the other side! WOOHOO!

Made a mental note to NOT go back there again. At least not without checking the tide schedule. Hahahaha

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