Magic – Messing with my Brother

Everyone knows a story about someone that got abandoned in the middle of nowhere He steps out to use the bathroom or something, and they drive off without him. We ALL know.

My brother and I had driven to a salvage yard, out in the middle of nowhere, to look for a part. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were afraid they would not be open when we got there. Sure enough, the place looked all closed up when we got there.

I tell my brother to go check just to make sure. He declines.

“I’m not stupid. If I get out of this car you are going to leave me”
“Come on, I wouldn’t do that”
“Yes you would”
“Okay, Yes I would, but we still need to know if they are open. Come on, just hop out and check the gate”
“If you leave me I’m gonna kick your butt!”

He steps out, leaving the door wide open. When he gets about 10 feet away I hit the gas and pop the clutch! We BOTH knew that place was closed! hahahahaha! As he grabs for the door it slams shut from the acceleration. Stones were flying behind Magic as he spun his tires. I’m laughing. My brother is cursing. It’s going great!

He runs and hops onto the back bumper, clinging to the rain gutter on the roof. I don’t want him to get hurt, so I slam on the brakes. Magic slides to a halt raising a cloud of dust. My brother jumps off and runs for the passenger door. By then I already have Magic in Reverse and as he opens the door I pop the clutch, again! Hehehehe The door swings open as it passes him by and he ends up jumping onto the front bumper as it went past, this time hanging on to the windshield wipers. I’m still laughing. He’s still threatening me through the windshield. Couldn’t be better. But I don’t want him to get hurt, OR rip off my windshield wipers. So I slam on the brakes, again!

We both knew he was going to be all over that passenger door as soon as I stopped, so I shifted into first before Magic stopped. As soon as my brother jumped off the front bumper I popped the clutch, again! (I’m evil) He missed the passenger door, but managed to run behind Magic long enough to pop the back hatch open. My goodness, he is going to attempt to jump INTO the back of the Bus! I don’t want him to get hurt, so I slam on the brakes, JUST as he makes his LEAP for the back of the Bus. Which is stopping now.

He cleared the back bumper, the back storage area, the back seats, and slammed into the back of the front seats! Ouch! Once again, he manages to pop up without any injuries! (He has a knack for survival, which helped him a great deal with being my little brother)

I was VERY fortunate to have NOT hurt him seriously. It was stupid and pointless. Kids, do not do this at home.

BUT, now you know. DON’T get out of the car in the middle of nowhere!

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