Magic Loved Water

Of course, it is the enclosed suitcase engine design that gets the credit. There is just no way for water to get into the engine compartment. Well, except for those engine compartment vents. But those are like 4 feet off the ground, and face backwards. It gave me great pleasure to be able to drive through deep water without it affecting my engine.

The weather in Miami is weird. I forget the way it goes, but it is something like “In the spring it rains in the morning and in the fall it rains in the afternoon” One way or the other, part of the year you get a shower between like 9 and 11. The other part of the year you get a shower in the afternoon between like 3 and 5. (I don’t remember the actual times)

Sometimes these showers would dump horrendous amounts of water onto the streets in a sort period of time. Then it would all dry up again until the next day. The water would turn the streets of Miami into the “haves” and “have nots”. The middle lane sits quite a bit higher and almost all the traffic moves to the middle lane. They poke along carefully inching forward so as not to make a splash that could stall their car.

The right lane is usually empty. Some jacked up 4×4 pickup tools down the right lane leaving a wake that would have marina operators complaining. The wave slaps against the sides of the cars in the middle lane. You can see arms raised in the direction of the truck. Usually just one arm, and one finger.

Magic loved that right lane. The water didn’t bother him at all. Now, we didn’t plow through the water like the pickup. But it did made him feel special to be able to “run with the big dogs”, at least in this specific circumstance. If there were people there we would still keep the wake down, but we still had a lane to ourselves most of the time. And where there weren’t any people in the middle lane, WOOHOO!!! Magic could THROW some water! And NEVER a worry about stalling. I loved that, a lot. It’s fun making BIG splashes!

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