Magic – Living in the Bus – 82

When I started my job in Miami all I had was me and Magic, and very little money. I found a nice spot to park. Well “nice” is an overstatement. This parking lot was abandoned at night and had a chain link fence along one side. I would back Magic up against that fence so that when I popped the back hatch it would open a few inches, but not enough for anyone to get through. That gave me just enough ventilation to be able to tolerate the heat.

After I got my first paycheck I moved into an apartment. There was some kind of moldy growth coming up through the carpet in the corner, but it had a window air conditioner! The place had a stink to it that no amount of Lysol and Air spray would affect. I DID see that apartment on an episode of “Miami Vice” later. They had a big shoot out there, right in front of my old apartment door! Even they thought it was a dive best suited for hookers, junkies, and heated gun battles.

While I was living there, I paid weekly, someone at my employer heard me describing my living conditions. My manager took me into the office and said, “You know, WE provide temporary housing for people we bring in from other areas.” That night I moved into the Miami Lakes Country Club where I HAD to share the room with another new employee. He was much better company than the mold growth. I thought it was a good trade.

Live and Learn.

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