Magic – Disney World Trip – 82

The first time we went to Disney World my two older children were just little kids. My oldest daughter always complains that she barely remembers anything. Maybe it’s better that way. Lol, we lived in that Bus for a week!

I remember it was still spring in Michigan, but typical Florida weather in Orlando. We stayed at a campsite, cooked over a propane stove, and used public facilities. Getting two kids and two adults to sleep in there was a challenge, but it worked out.

That was the first time we got to experience a Florida rain shower. I was sitting at a stoplight and watching a rainstorm at the next corner. The light turned green and we drove into the rain shower. That happened quite a bit, raining on the next block. Guess it’s a Florida thing.

Mid week we took a side trip over to Cape Canaveral/Cape Kennedy. Saw the ocean. My oldest daughter managed to step on a crab buried in the sand. It reached up and pinched her with one of its claws. Maybe that’s why she hates getting in the water.

We picked out a campground and settled in for the night. We quickly discovered that the mosquitoes were VERY active in that region. It was too warm to sleep with the windows closed, but there were too many mosquitoes NOT to. Before midnight we couldn’t take it any more and started driving back inland to get away from the mosquitoes. We ended up sleeping in a Gas Station parking lot just East of Orlando.

We had no more problems camping. We spent our last day at Disney World, leaving for home when the park closed for the night. When we filled the gas tank we got a batch of lousy gas that kept Magic sputtering most of the way home. The closer we got to Michigan the colder it got. By the end of the drive I was wearing oven mitts to keep my hands warm! (VDubs are NOT known for their great heat)

I remember wondering if I could live in a place like that. Warm all year, beaches, palm trees. It was only a couple months later that I got a job offer in Miami. Guess that answered THAT question. lol

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