Magic Bus – 4 Wheeling

One of the most unique things about Magic was his ability to go anywhere. Part of it was the enclosed suitcase engine. Part of it must have been the weight distribution. I don’t recall EVER getting stuck in Magic.

One weekend in Michigan my brother and I were riding around in Magic and we decided to go off road. We followed an ATV trail for a while into the woods. When it dwindled into a single path, we continued. When the path disappeared, we continued. When the ground got marshy and soft all around us, my brother got out and walked ahead of the Bus and managed to find a path wide enough for us to get through.

When we came to a spot where there was a sudden rise and then immediate fall in the ground, a TALL speed bump made of dirt. We weren’t SURE that we had enough ground clearance to get over it without getting stuck in the middle. A little momentum should help with that. Only there was a big tree in the way on the other side. Our options were limited due to all the trees hemming us in.

SO, I had to gun the engine, HIT the bump with the front wheels, as soon as the wheels came down I had to turn right immediately, and then turn left again to clear the trees. (AS the back wheels were hitting the bump) It was a challenge! Yeah, I know, WE didn’t know if we were going to be able to get out of wherever we were at either. But we decided as long as there was a way to go forward, we WOULD. When we ran out of options, THEN we would decide what to do.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a clearing appear ahead of us. Woohoo! We made it to “the other side”. But as we drove into the clearing we realized we had not made it OUT, but IN! As in, INSIDE the local Drive-In Theater! Fortunately, no one was there and we were able to just drive out. Can you imagine coming out of the woods DURING a movie? Hahahaha

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