Lonely Road – © 1975 (song)

A song about a man’s inability to settle down and leave the wandering life.

I wrote this song for my wife, before she became my wife. It was my warning that I might not be able to stay. I never stayed in one place very long. I wasn’t sure that I could.

Lonely Road – © 1975 (song)

I feel I ought to tell you
I’ve tried to stay before.
But it seems as it I’m always
Walking out the door.
I’ve been looking for a haven
So I don’t have to roam.
And to find that special woman
That will give my heart a home.

Oh long, and winding road
Your dotted lines stringing out to eternity.
Long, and lonely road
Go away and please just let me be.

Every time I think I’ve made it
I hear those diesels whine.
And my feet just start to walkin’
And the bridges burn behind.
And my mem’ries all that’s left me
As from town to town I bum.
And my future is this lonely road
As I’m stickin’ out my thumb.

Oh road, you winding road
With your dotted lines going on eternally.
You road, you empty road
Why can’t you go away and let me be?

In the early morning silence
As I tiptoe ‘cross your lawn.
And I walk off down that lonely road
Waiting for the coming dawn.
You may wake to see me leaving
And you’ll know that I was wrong.
And I’m doomed to walk this lonely road
And sing this lonely song.

Road, long and winding road.
Guess you got me back where you wanted me to be.
Road, you lonesome road
This lonely life belongs to you and me.
This lonely life was made for you and me.

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