Kansas Snow

I know, it’s not much snow – but it IS Snow!

SNOW! Even though I was born in Kansas and I was raised in the upper Midwest, I have spent most of my adult life in Miami, California, or Tennessee so it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen snow. So when it started snowing, I HAD to get out in it!

Now, you’ll also have to take into account that it was 11 degrees outside when the snow was flying, so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time OUTSIDE my car taking pictures. Usually, after the first shot, my body was telling me to get out of the freaking wind! The light isn’t great, but I think the pictures aren’t too bad.

Take this railroad crossing. Doesn’t it just scream COLD!

Or how about this frozen pond? Or this little stream trying it’s hardest to NOT freeze over?

Okay, How about the testimony from these cows? I could almost hear their teeth chattering from the road! hahahahaha

The next day the snow had stopped and the beautiful sunshine lit up the scenery. The streams were having varied success with staying unfrozen, And otherwise normal roads took on a wintery appearance.

As I was tooling along, I swear I heard Curly’s voice! It said “Hey Moe!”. I turned around and discovered this road, and this talking sign. It said (in Curly’s voice) “Hey Moe – THIS way!” Ah, the road less traveled. . .

And it led me right to a ford. I have found that a lot of people don’t know what a ford is. (guess they didn’t watch Westerns when they were kids) A ford is where the road/trail crosses THROUGH a river or stream. (no bridge involved) Now THIS ford is a modern version, the crossing was lined with concrete (so the ford doesn’t wash away when the river is running hard and fast). Here you can see my trusty “Moebile One” perched on the bank of this ford. (I walked across first to make sure I COULD cross it.- hehehe)

Word of caution – it’s usually a good idea to take a ford slowly. Some people might be concerned about going across a partially frozen ford and decide to “have a go at it” preferring to cross it quickly. What doesn’t seem to occur to these people, is that even a little bump on ice can propel your vehicle in a direction you didn’t intend. Like INTO those deep ruts in the ice, which will then collapse under the vehicles weight sending your vehicle INTO the water. Fortunately, I had some speed left over when that happened, and when I came to the end of those ruts, “Moebile One” propelled itself into the air and clear of the water. I spent the next several minutes trying to convince myself that I did NOT break my right thumb OFF! Of course, later my brother tells me, “You know, off road racers NEVER put their thumb inside the steering wheel”. NOW he tells me!

And a look up and down river shows the beauty and wonder of a half frozen river. (taken from the frozen middle of the river – BEFORE I tried to rip my thumb off – lol)

One last pic, this time of a more conventional river crossing – this one is called a Bridge! What a concept! Hahahahaha

Sorry – No * Extra Pics *

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