I Pass Her Window – © 1974 (song)

Boy finds sad girl, spends rest of his life making her happy

Totally fictitious circumstances. I know who inspired this song, but there was never a romance. I won’t publicly call her out. She has no clue.

I Pass Her Window – © 1974 (song)

I pass her window, hear her cry.
It makes me wish that I could die.
What can I do to ease the pain?
I see her tears fall silently
But no one else will ever see.
What can I do to stop the pain?

It makes me sad to see her cry.
But she won’t tell the reason why.
If she could see the sky above
Maybe I could teach her of love.
Teach her of love.

I pass her window, see her smile
It makes the years seem all worthwhile
And I know love’s the reason why.
She wouldn’t speak of loneliness
But I found out and now we’re blessed.
I’ll love that girl until I die.

It makes me sad to think there’s more
With only loneliness in store.
But if they’ll reach to touch the sky
Maybe someday, like you and I
They’ll learn of love.

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