Halstead Kansas

Hello Halstead, KS! We drove through Halstead on our trip to the Sand Hills State Park this weekend and there was so much to see that I decided to come back to visit.

Maybe the most notable feature is the grain elevators. All three of them! And all owned by the Farmer’s Co-op!

I’m just gonna guess that THIS one is the oldest.

and this one is the newest,

but that’s just a guess.

One of the more beautiful features is the wonderful train station, in absolutely magnificent appearance!

The place was awesome, down to the detail on the lamp posts! Incredible.

Although, I am not at all sure what the story is behind this jail cell sitting on the loading dock of the train station. Guess I’ll have to go back on Saturday or Sunday when the Museum is open and ask them. There might be a juicy story to it.

I even found my “Roads Less Travelled” in the form of alleyways! Ah, these are the back roads of my youth! Whether on foot or cruising on your bicycle, THESE were the real thouroghfares of my childhood!

I discovered a bright yellow church! Something I am not certain I have ever seen before. Quite impressive in the mid day sun. The First Mennonite Church of Halstead – Visitors Welcome.

Can’t forget to mention “The Old Hardware Store”. One of the few remaining pre-1900 hardware stores still operating. Built in 1879 out of STONE! Those are NOT concrete blocks, that is cut stone. There was more stone available in Kansas than wood so many frontier buildings are made of stone.

AND, if you are looking for a small summer cabin on the plains, maybe a little fixer upper… THIS place was for sale. And just a block off the main drag too! I know, it’s pretty rustic.

Then there was “the farm”. Located practically under the grain elevator and alongside the Little Arkansas River. I got these shots from the concrete walkway/greenway that runs along the top of the flood berm (that protects Halstead from the flood waters of the Little Arkansas)

Oh yeah, the top of that silo needs to be in a movie!

One more thing from Halstead. It ain’t pretty. I found this little pony laying in a field. I stopped to take his picture (he almost looked like a unicorn laying there) and he struggled to his feet. It hurt me to see him try. He seemed to be in such pain every time he took a step. He could barely stand. I don’t know much of anything about horses, but it broke my heart to see him looking like that. I took his picture to remember him, and now I can’t forget…

UPDATE: This horse has been checked on by the authorities and is reported to be an old crippled horse rescued from “the glue factory”. He is cared for and is not in pain. I am so glad to know that.

* Extra Pics *

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