Gooseberry Pie

There was this dear old lady in our church that would bring us a fresh baked pie on Sunday from time to time. It was common for people to bring food for the Pastor’s Family when they came to church. This one lady liked to bring us pies, and let me tell you she could BAKE some pies! They were VERY MUCH appreciated.

One week she brought us a Gooseberry pie. None of us had ever tasted Gooseberry pie, and I doubt any of us ever will again. It was “nasty”. None of us liked it so we had to throw it out. When my mother returned the clean pie pan at the next service, she made sure to tell the lady how much we enjoyed that Gooseberry pie!

She was so delighted at having made us all so happy that she brought us another Gooseberry pie the next week. . . and the next week. . . and the next week. I swear she was using frozen or preserved Gooseberries, because the pies didn’t stop just because Gooseberries were out of season.

We missed her Cherry and Apple, longed for a Peach or Pumpkin, but every week we sighed as we dropped those Gooseberry pies whole into the garbage – wishing it was one of her OTHER pies.

I think something was FINALLY said to her, but the damage was done. The pies came no more. NO pies came any more. It was sad, but at least we had been delivered from the Dreaded Gooseberry Pies.

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