Gone – © 1972

A free form piece about being separated from one’s soul. I remember the day I wrote this, I just don’t remember the date. It’s a very emotional piece for me.

I had just finished my 3 days in Solitary Confinement on Bread and Water. I refused to eat while I was in there. I tried to refuse to drink, but the heat was too oppressive. They came to get me on the 3rd day. I was removed from my cell, allowed to get dressed, and then handcuffed. They escorted me from the Brig, in the bowels of the ship, up to my Commander’s Office above decks.

We stepped out of the hatch onto the main deck. The sky was a perfect blue, and the clouds were so White they almost glowed. A breeze blew across the deck. Fresh air, clean air. The Sun felt warm on my skin. I wanted to be free from all this. Free from confinement. Free from Vietnam. Free from the Marine Corps. I couldn’t stand to be here any more! So I left, mentally.

It seemed that only my body had been left behind, unable to escape. The piece uses the Capital “I” and the Lower Case “i” to differentiate between who left, and who got left.

It is written in my old “Hippie Style”

Gone – © 1972

I’m gone
I left today
I left to be free
It’s good to be free
You know
I wish i could have gone with me
i’d love to be free
i once was
A long time ago
i think i remember
i’m not sure
It’s so far away now
Why did I go and
Not take me?
It’s so lonely without Me
Someday i’ll find Myself
Out there
In the real world

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