GI Ville – Power Poles

They came out one year to install new poles at the end of the Quonset huts. All us kids watched in wonder as they drilled holes in the ground for the “telephone poles”. When they reached the end of the day, one of the men offered to let me help. He said that tomorrow they would be back to put poles in the holes and that he didn’t want anyone filling in the holes overnight.

He told me that if I watched that hole to make sure no one filled it up that he would pay me 25 cents! I tell you what, no hole was ever more watched! lol The next day they came and put poles in the holes and poured concrete around the bases. I asked the man about my 25 cents. He laughed, picked me up, and dipped my feet into the wet concrete, set me back down, and told me to go away.

I appealed to a Higher Court. “MOM!” Seems that those were brand new tennis shoes, and my mother wasn’t the least bit amused. She drug me back out there while she told that man off soundly. I got my 25 cents, and he got a promise from my mother that if that concrete did NOT wash out of those tennis shoes that he would be paying for THEM as well! hahahahahaha

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