Fly for Me – © 1986

An piece about being inspired to continue, to press on through hardships.

Although there was someone specific in mind when I wrote this piece, I have used it often since then. We all know important it is to get and give inspiration. I’ve gone through my share of bad times and depression. I am thankful for those people who were my inspiration, and offer my inspiration to others having a hard time of it.

I think the basic concept was derived from a Joan Baez song, “Dona Dona Dona”.

Fly for Me – © 1986

When you fly among the clouds, fly for me. I cannot come.
The weight of the world rides on my shoulders and holds me down.
Tiny tribulations stub my toes and trip me.
Falling to my knees I sink further from the sky.
My heart grows weary and begs for rest.
Though the mud may squeeze through my fingers as I crawl,
I may see your shadow in the mire and look up.
Your love draws me to you. Your spirit gives me strength.
My heart cries to be with you and struggles on.
When this burden passes from me I will join you.
And should you fall from the sky to become trapped upon the Earth,
I will fly for you.

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