flowers – © 1975

An angry bitter unfinished piece. The “flower” refers to “Flower Children”. I recall it seemed like the World just took sweet, innocent, loving people like that and ground them up to nothing.

I was mostly angry for what happened to me. A Flower Child in College at the age of 16. Arrested at 17. Charges dropped when I entered the Marine Corps. When I came back from Boot Camp my old Hippie friends would not even talk to me, the Fascist Baby Killer. When I turned 18 I was shipped overseas, made the wrong person mad, and ended up in Vietnam. When I finally got back to the World, it was like “Planet of the Apes”. It looked like my World, but it was all different. I don’t belong here. I spent a lot of time on the road, trying to find somewhere that felt like Home.

flowers – © 1975

Where have all the flowers gone
The World has raped them one by one
We had the World when we were new
The World’s now killed all but a few

Peace, Love, and Life, the flower’s call
A dream that’s lost by those who fall
Little we asked for, little we got
Kindness remembered, hates forgot

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