Fleeting Heart – © 1975

After remembering a lost love, a man curses his fleeting heart. Once again, the inability to maintain a relationship is put into words.

Fleeting Heart – © 1975

I found a leaf, it’s deep dark green
Reflecting, still, that wondrous scene.
I beg you not, my heart now pleads
To plant those long forgotten seeds.

It’s done, it’s past, and cannot live.
No futile refuge can it give.
Oh yes, you loved, that is true.
Just like the rest, the others who

You wanted more than lips to say
“I love you dear, won’t you please stay?”
But could you stop to see her way?
You wanted more, you walked away.

Oh speeding heart, you could not stop
Upon one fleeting, loving spot.
Oh curse the soul within my breast.
To stay, and love, I did my best.

But stronger still, the urge to go.
A lasting love you’ll never know.
Go heartless soul, your mate to find.
Go break my heart and steal my mind.

Go better still and bring my death.
Take from my lungs my quickened breath.
For, never, lasting love I’ll see
So what more is there left for me?

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