Evening Soon – © 1972

A very short poem about the passing of a day.
One of many “4 line poems” (actually 2 lines without the formatting. lol) My attempts to convey as much as possible with few words.

This is a particularly special poem for me. There is so much more here for me than what these 2 lines could ever possibly hope to express. As beautiful as the poem appears, it has a very dark and ominous meaning.

This was written in Vietnam. During the course of the day you could take note of special moments, beauty where it appears. “It will be evening soon”. It’s going to get dark, and Charlie owns the night. Nighttime in the bush was a whole ‘nother experience.

Evening Soon – © 1972

A ray of sunshine bright at dawn.
A pretty flower at noon.
A sparkling sunset saying
It will be evening soon.

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