Elwood, Indiana – 65 – 69

Again, we lived one block off the main street. And again, our house faced the main street. There was one house between the parsonage (our house) and the Church on the Corner. On the opposite diagonal corner was the Junior High School. It looked like a medieval castle and used to be the High School, until the new High School was built adjacent to it. They were connected by an elevated walkway between them. On the other side of the High School was downtown.

For 4 years the school was across the street on the next block. I sit on my porch – there’s the school. I go to Church – there’s the school. I go for a ride on my bike – there’s the school.

Although my memories up to this point are few and far between – I spent 4 years in this town – the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life – with the exception of the home my children grew up in. I am interested to learn just how many stories I do recall…

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