Deer Hunting – Pontiac

I think it was a Buick or a Pontiac. In either case it had a NOSE to its front end, in the middle. There I was, driving down a country road covered with patchy ice, minding my own business when this button buck jumped out in front of my car! (button buck – young male deer whose antlers have JUST begun to grow)

I hit the brakes, but it really didn’t have a lot of effect. The deer instantly realized it’s mistake and decided to outrun me. Bad choice. For a few moments he kept just in front of the car, me still trying everything I can to stop. Then he decides enough is enough and makes his move to jump back off the road. He plants his feet and begins his leap, but there isn’t enough room between us for him to get clear. The nose of the car takes him dead on.

I think he broke a headlight and put a small hole in one of the grills. I had my first deer kill, but it didn’t feel good.

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