Cutting Class

They were testing some new program. Trying to teach Spanish to 3rd graders. I guess we were supposed to pick it up easier if we started earlier. So whenever it was time for one of those Spanish Classes we would all line up and “march” to the Spanish Classroom. We had to make a couple turns through the halls to get there.

I wasn’t real thrilled with Spanish, but I did see an opportunity. One day I arranged to be at the end of the line. We marched down the halls and when they turned – I didn’t. I had escaped! I was so pleased with myself!

But what DO you do? I basically played “hide and seek” the whole time trying to not get caught. Little did I realize that they took roll call when they GOT to the Spanish Classroom – and were actively looking for me! Busted!

I got 3 swats with the paddle and I was confined to my classroom during recess for a whole week! It wasn’t THAT much fun – sheesh!

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