Cowtown County Fair!

Woohoo! Time for eating, drinking, fun, and gratuitous wild west gun play! Quick, grab the kids and let’s GO!!!!

Everybody was streaming into town to participate. Wagons, horses, stage, walking…

Well, except for the rails. Mr. Happy apparently couldn’t get off duty again. I call him Mr. Happy because he always has the same glad expression on his face. (Must have something to do with working for the railroad, I don’t know)

Well, it was bound to happen. A couple cowboys got into a heated discussion inside the saloon, and decided to take their discussion outside. This one cowboy really seemed to be making his point.

The other fella didn’t much like loosing the argument. So he commenced to shucking his iron, and lost THAT argument too. Some of his buddies didn’t like the result of the argument, so they joined in the discussion. Which brought in the first cowboy’s friends to even up the debate.

And before you know it, they was all wore out from arguing and all decided to take a dirt nap. This other fella didn’t want to take a nap, and tried to explain his views to the local law. But they wasn’t buying any of it and made him take a nap anyway.

What excitement! There was even one of them Snake Oil Doctors here too! He did have some of that snake oil with him, but he was selling something called a “CD”. Something about a collection of his songs and stories or something like that. It just hurt my head so I went over to the Saloon and snuck a peek at them girls what was dancing in there! Whoooee!

With everyone out at the fair, town was all but empty. Looked like Sunday go to meeting time.

Well, other than the occasional cowboy or some kids playing on the swing…

So, I lit out myself. There was these cowboys just a snappin their whips in time to some music.

And there was some cowboys showin off their shootin iron skills. They wasn’t causin no problem to nobody, but when I saw the law coming over I knowed it wasn’t gonna end good.

Sure nuff, before you could say “Jimmy crack Corn”, they was all a-shootin amongst each other.

Kinda spoiled the fair a bit, but it sure got people all stirred up a talking about it.

* Extra Pics *

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