Central Kansas

Central Kansas in the Fall.

Well, we were up in the Council Grove/Cottonwood Falls area this weekend. Looks like we missed the “fall colors” by a few weeks. lol However, we did get some pretty nice shots (here and there). I think you can kind of tell that there wasn’t a whole lot to take pictures of. Pretty wide open country up there.

Here and there would pop up a small collection of water, usually as earthen dam.

shhhh… Quiet now. Don’t want to spook the Geese. They look tired from a long flight.

And we did come across this little dam and bridge. Both look like their best days are behind them. The bridge was right in front of the dam. In the middle of the bridge, where the railings have collapsed, is where I took the picture of the dam. (the pics from the sides didn’t look as nice) You would think that a bridge just below a dam would be pretty well protected, but this bridge is TORE UP!

* Extra Pics *

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