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My first time Driving a Car – 68 ? 69

We took the old family cruiser out into the country to teach my older brother how to work a stick shift. And when I say ‘We’, I mean the whole family. Mom and I rode along for the adventure.Continue Reading

My first Job @ 12 yrs old

In the summer before I started High School I went looking for a job. The little grocery store, a large room with shelves and a meat counter at one end, had no use for me. But the stationary store next door took me on.Continue Reading

The Bonfire – 66

My freshman year we had a bonfire competition for homecoming. Everyone would start at 8:00 AM on Saturday. Teams from each class would have all day to find, collect, and stack burnable items by the football field. At 5:00 PM the stacking ends. The class with the tallest stack wins!Continue Reading

Bobby Kennedy – 68

Not really much to this one. Bobby Kennedy came through Elwood like a week before he was killed. He drove down the main street sitting on the back of a convertible waving at everyone. Continue Reading

The Attack Dog

Our front porch was kind of like a screened in front room. It did not stick out from the house. The rest of the front of the house was a “den” with windows on all three sides (including towards the porch). The living room ran the full width of the house.Continue Reading

Elwood, Indiana – 65 – 69

Again, we lived one block off the main street. And again, our house faced the main street. There was one house between the parsonage (our house) and the Church on the Corner.Continue Reading