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GI Ville – The Flood

This would probably have been 3rd grade. We were definitely living in GI Ville. There was a terrible storm that frightened a lot of people. Continue Reading

GI Ville – Power Poles

They came out one year to install new poles at the end of the Quonset huts. All us kids watched in wonder as they drilled holes in the ground for the “telephone poles”.Continue Reading

G. I. Ville

These were built to provide cheap housing for veterans on Campus. GI Ville was actually a row of long Quonset huts next to the Church. Continue Reading

Olivet College

My parents attended this College when I was in 3rd through 5th grades.Continue Reading

Our Half House

We moved from GI Ville – into a tiny little “half” house. You know, where the address is like 112 ½ or 112 B. It was a house behind another house.Continue Reading