Blue Skys – White Clouds

Ah, Sunday was a glorious day in Kansas! We headed East from Wichita out Hwy 54/400 past Augusta… past Leon… out to Piedmont… our designated starting point.

THEN we spent the whole day going up and down the “Roads Less Travelled” And let me tell you, I felt like I was back out in Western Kansas. We saw hardly a soul all day.

Did I mention that the sky was a beautiful blue with brilliant white clouds? I was wishing I had a video camera to catch the wind blowing thru the grass. Incredible.

Even came across a couple previous residents. Well, a building anyway. Two things make me think this may have been a school or church. 1. The total lack of anything else disturbing the ground (as a farm or house would have) and 2. It has a stone mounted above the door, which would typically contain a building name and/or date (where a house wouldn’t). Gave you a close-up to look at too.

Came across this stone fence out in the middle of nowhere.

We finally found ourselves at the wind farm south of Beaumont. But alas,the light was dying. Which made for some interesting effects.

We even managed to get in an Armadillo Hunt! See? Right there he is! No! Right THERE!

He’s coming towards YOU! OH! THERE he goes!

These are the best shots I got of him.

That’s the first LIVE armadillo I’ve seen! So, I was more than happy to add him to my “trophy room” (translated: photo album) What a day.

* Extra Pics *

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