As I Sit – © 1973 (song)

The old “You never know what you got til it’s gone” story. Girl likes boy. Boy tries to get away from girl. Girl quits chasing. Boy becomes miserable. Wonders if he has driven away his “Ms Right”.

As I Sit – © 1973 (song)

As I sit behind my sorrow
Throwing shadows at the sun
Wishing that it all was over
But I know it’s just begun.
I hear that voice go through my mind.
I whirl around and look behind
And she is there!
She’s caught me unaware!

As I turn and take to heel
I’m dodging rainbows as I run
Wishing that I could stop running
But this battle can’t be won.
I find a hole and slip inside
Hoping I’ll be safe while I hide.
But she is there!
I feel her everywhere!

Why should I keep fighting happiness
And giving up the joy
That I knew before when I was just an
Innocent young boy?
God, why must she keep haunting me
And with her smiles keep taunting me.
Why can’t I smile
For just a little while?

I cannot keep on running
So I stop and turn around.
I know that I am trembling
Wondering just what I have found.
I see that she has gone from me
And know her tears are falling free.
What have I done?
What happened to the sun?

Oh God, was she the one?

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