Arkansas River

The innaugural ride of my new bike took me down the greenway along the Arkansas River. Ah, it’s good to be mobile again!

First, this was the maiden voyage of my new bike, “Moebile Too”. (that’s the Arkansas River in the background)

Unfortunately, Moebile One has not yet recovered from the blown head she suffered on a lonely stretch of Illinois Interstate on December 23rd. It was driving me crazy being stuck in the house, and these old legs don’t carry me far enough to see much. So I was thrilled to add Moebile Too to the “stable”. Hopefully, next month I can install an electric assist and gain access to all of Wichita!

My drive took me down the greenway of the Arkansas River towards the downtown district. (from Pawnee to Harry – for the locals) As you can see, it’s not very green. But it IS still quite pretty.

And another thing I like is the regular neighborhoods that line the river. Notice, these aren’t multi million dollar estates, these are just regular folks houses. THIS is somebody’s front yard! And right IN town!

Oh yes, there are trees along the greenway. In the second picture you can just start to make out the skyline of downtown Wichita between the two trees.

Trees, shore, or even sand bar – Wichita’s Arkansas River has it all for you.

The river DOES go right through downtown, but we aren’t going that far today, but as you can see, we aren’t that far from it.

In summary, it was a nice drive. Little more overcast than I would have liked, but then I love the randomness of changing weather. You end up taking pictures you might not normally take. And sometimes end up getting shots you never expected. You never know what God is going to show you.

Something weird about the birds though. It was like there were several river gangs of birds, each with their own turf, and NONE of them liked ME! lol

* Extra Pics *

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