And the snow turned to grass

I was generating creative writings even back then. I remember we had an assignment to write a piece for our English teacher. I can’t recall what the assignment WAS, nor even what the piece was about. But I DO remember the fuss it caused.

In my writing I had used an expression to indicate the passage of time. “and the snow turned to grass”. My English teacher called a conference with my parents. I was unable to clue my parents in as to WHY she wanted to see them.

Turns out she was concerned about ME! She wanted to make sure that I understood that snow didn’t REALLY turn into grass. duh! Obviously had no clue who she was dealing with, questioning MY comprehension! SHE was the one who thought I believed snow turned into grass, who would think such a stupid thing? I may have been in 3rd grade but I was no idiot!

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