A Trip in Time

Must have gotten lost this weekend, because I suddenly began to take notice of how oddly out of place I felt.I could have sworn that I was in Wichita, Kansas. But there I was in OLD Wichita.

Actually, I was in Cow Town – A Living History Museum located IN Wichita. The occasion was the American Federation of Old West Re-enactors (AFOWR) Grand National Competition.

This is NOT a Movie Set! All the buildings you see in the background are REAL old time buildings! Many of them FROM Wichita, others moved here from other locations in Kansas. Some of these people are here every day , working out of time. The blacksmith, the carpenter, the printer, the gals down at the saloon, well, they don’t work like THAT! Sheesh!

People were arriving from all over, they were even camping on the edge of town.

This picture gave me the creeps. This guy was just sitting there playing his fiddle and squeeze box. Peaceful enough. But that stained glass window isn’t a church, it’s a funeral parlor! It was like he was just waiting for business to get better.

Can anyone tell me what this guy is doing? It sure LOOKS like he is staring down the business end of his own shotgun! WHILE walking down the street! Sheesh!

* Extra Pics *

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