Western Kansas Roads

Back in Western Kansas for a change of scenery. This time we were driving North and just West of Medicine Lodge, out in Barber County. It was a beautiful day, other than the 103 degree temperatures. Good thing we went in April!

The roads started out great, but then we took a mis-turn at this intersection. We mistakenly thought the road went “straight”, but I took this picture when we had to back track to this intersection to catch the right(left)correct road.

And we drove. . . and drove. . . and drove. . .

We finally found our way back to the highway. Where we turned off at the next road, and found this bridge. It was only rated at 3 tons and considering that every board moved when I walked across, and some of them crumbled a bit under my feet, I wasn’t anxious to DRIVE over it! My brother didn’t have a problem with it, it’s HIS car)! So I just took a pic of HIM driving across it. The noises that bridge made. . .

THAT road went nowhere and I had to suck it up when we drove back over this bridge. I didn’t actually expect the car to fall through the bridge, but I was half expecting a tire to go through. There are more pics from this bridge in the GREEN Western Kansas post.

So we tried another road, and another, etc…

Hey! THAT’s not a road! But after all that heat, it sure looked inviting.

There is nothing NEW in the gallery, but there are a couple shots where I gave you a different orientation of the shot I posted.

* Extra Pics *

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