The Bamboo Cage – © 1982

A poem about how close the war was even 10 years later. In 82 it took very little to send my mind back to Vietnam. Once it went there, it took days to get back to normal. Sometimes it seems like Iam trapped in a cage in my mind, unable to get out, get back to the World.

The Bamboo Cage – © 1982

The shock, the tears, and then the screams.
The look in their eyes at the end of their dreams.

“Don’t mean nothing” is what we’d say.
Just a mind game we used to play.
Don’t touch, don’t feel, don’t let it near.
Just block it out, don’t shed that tear.
Be strong, be tough, a man of steel.
It’s just a nightmare, it isn’t real.

My mind gets trapped in a bamboo cage.
It kicks and it screams in a silent rage.
My heart is pounding, adrenaline flows.
Anybody could see, but not everyone knows.
My hands feel so empty, no weapon to hold.
I’m alone, defenseless, my blood runs so cold.

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